Easter Menu Inspiration

Easter Menu Inspiration

Bunnies, brunch, and Easter egg hunts! Easter is a time to gather around the table with family and share a festive meal filled with traditional dishes. Find inspiration on Cookidoo┬« for your Easter menus, choose your recipe and you’re ready to cook.

Delicious Easter Lunch Starters

All About Chocolate

Easter simply isn’t the same without chocolate. Truffles, pies, mousse, cakes, candiesÔÇŽ there are so many different ways to use chocolate! Whether youÔÇÖre whipping up a quick ganache or preparing homemade truffles, your chocolate creations will turn out perfectly with Thermomix┬«.

Lamb Recipes for Celebrating

Delicious Easter Main Dishes

The Easter holiday menu changes from region to region and country to country. But some traditions are shared by many cultures. For instance, fish is a classic for dinner on Good Friday. Try baking a whole fish, poaching fillets, shaping them into patties, or pan-fried with a simple seasoning. Lamb with all the trimmings may be your family’s choice for Easter Sunday, but ham and chicken are also popular. Whether you are planning a traditional multi-course menu, with classic celebration dishes, or a casual kid-friendly menu with pizza, you’ll find just the right recipes to delight your family on Cookidoo┬«.

5 Ways to Enjoy Easter with Thermomix®

  • Adult Beverages
    Serve a pitcher of Minty Vodka Lemonade for a delicious thirst quencher.
  • Easter Treats
    For a snack during an Easter Egg hunt, make this fun and delicious Coconut and Raspberry Cupcakes
  • Lamb on the Menu
    Try this Pesto Sauce as an accompaniment for savory lamb.
  • Easy Easter Sauces
    You can rely on Hollandaise to work every time in Thermomix┬«, serve with your Easter Vegetables.
  • Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time
    Eggs and Thermomix┬« go well together. Read this article for tips on cooking versatile eggs.

Vegetarian Easter Celebrations

Prepare Ahead

Rich Yeast Dough in Thermomix®

Sweet and rich yeast dough pastries, such as Milk Bread and Brioche, are popular at Easter. Here are some tips for success: the butter, sugar, and eggs in the rich dough can inhibit the fermentation of yeast and make the dough rise more slowly. The skill is in the kneading and proofing technique. Thermomix┬« kneading develops gluten even in the most buttery dough, and TM6Ôäó fermentation mode creates the warm proofing environment that allows spectacular rising. With or without fermentation mode, don’t rush the proofing: fluffy Easter bread is worth the wait.

Easter Bread Ideas

Easter is Happening on Cookidoo┬« – Start Planning Now

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