Save $200 on Brava!

Save $200 on Brava!

Brava empowers busy families to make delicious home-cooked food quickly and easily so they can have more time and energy for the things and people they love.

Brava uses what they call ÔÇťPure Light TechnologyÔÇŁ to cook your food up to 5x faster than conventional cooking methods.

How does it work?

  • 6 halogen lamps heat to over 500 degrees in a 10th of a second
  • Food cooks faster, sears quicker, and retains juiciness
  • Partitioned cooking lets you cook up to 3 ÔÇťZonesÔÇŁ of ingredients simultaneously

BravaÔÇÖs lamps are so powerful, the heat and light they emit can be programmed to mimic different cooking methods such as traditional baking, dehydrating, air-frying, and more.

Bringing taste, efficiency, and innovation to every kitchen.

­čĆó Thermomix┬« Team Leader (401741)
ԜĴŞĆ 250-816-7273
­čôž [email protected]

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